Here are some of the songs I’ve written, performed, and recorded. Feel free to visit my Soundcloud to see (hear) more 🙂

Hi there and thank you for checking this site out.  I’m Dr Carrot and my real name is Nikita (Nik) Kotlarov.  My music is inspired by being a dad, partner, friend, brother, son, and a Psychologist. My inspiration also comes from the path that brought me here today.

I grew up in the Communist Siberia and at age 16, with my family, we escaped Jewish persecution during the Perestroika and lived in Israel where I finished highschool, military, and had my first adult life experiences. In Australia, I studied Psychology, Criminology, and Behavioural Science. Working as a Psychotherapist for over a decade I was trusted with literally thousands of people’s stories. My music is a way to share what I learnt from these stories and from my own life.

Like many of my colleagues, I try to put myself out of work. We do this through research, clinical work, writing, running workshops, and spreading helpful information in the community. I want to make information fun. Originally, I started writing songs as a fun way to spread healthy ideas. I very quickly found that covers are 1. fun to do, 2. I can learn a lot from, and 3. people like to listen to.  So, I play covers as well.

This project is developing and if you think that you can contribute, please drop me a line – (at) gmail (dot) com. I write and perform my songs, and would love some help with main stream mixing/ producing.  I would love to work with a DJ on creating a show that is techno-ey/dance-y and yet, original (rather than remixes). Otherwise, if you’re a muso who wants to jam together, write together, perform together, and maybe form a band together – let me know.

I cannot take credit for the name, Dr Carrot.  I’ve had this bestowed on me, and I couldn’t be more grateful.  Yes, I’m a redhead – hence, Dr Carrot. I’m a clinician in the health industry, hence, Dr Carrot.  But mainly, I value rewards (carrots) more than punishments (sticks).  Especially, when applied to motivating ourselves.  Hence, Dr Carrot.  I want to see a world that is driven by people’s hopes for their lives, not their fears. I live here:

My hope for the future is that many other musicians will join me and use their language, their music, to spread contextually informed ( ideas. In the hopes to have other artists with similar efforts, I suggest a place to pool such music –

I’m a real human and if you like my work – please let me know.  If you don’t – please make something better.

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Videos of covers

If you like to see the faces that I pull while playing guitar, please feel free to check out my videos of playing songs other people wrote (covers) below. It’s a playlist, so if you click on the icon in the top left corner, you can choose the cover you are after.

     Hope you enjoyed it 🙂