DJ and Events

I really enjoy creating beautiful, exciting, unforgettable events. My aim is for you to love it!


subject to change without notice – get in touch

DJ HIRE $100 per hour

You get Dr Carrot with his love of music and his cheery disposition, crowd savvy, music taste, and control of an enormous library of songs, using in-house PA (speakers/ sound system).

If the venue already has a PA, we may not need to bring our own. Please confirm that Dr Carrot is able to plug his DJ decks (how DJs mix music) into the house sound system.

You may also consider the quality of the house PA when making this decision. We use a high quality audio equipment to ensure that the sound you get is not just loud, but detailed and evenly covering the area of your event.

* no PA provided

DJ with PA HIRE $150 ph *

You get Dr Carrot's PA (sound system). High quality speakers that are a) extremely detailed; and b) powerful (at least 2000 Watt, may be more if required).

Our set up ensures that the speakers never operate anywhere near their capacity. None of these noisy speakers that strain under the load and just hurt your ears when you are near, but can hardly be heard when take a few steps back.

With our speakers, the sound covers the area of your event evenly. Our speakers can easily to deliver high quality, fine detail, wide dynamic range, and precise voicing with optimised performance.

* PA hire not available separately

Lights and Fx add $100 *

You have a great idea for an event, and want it to stand out. We love that and want to help! We recommend adding a light show and or special effects.

Basic show will include 4 moving heads (see below) synced to the music. They will be pre-programmed with visualisations to suit your event (DMX show).

You may wish to add a smoke machine to get those light beams to pop out. We use a water-based powerful smoke machine that can add as much or as little effect as needed. Besides being exciting in itself, smoke reflects light as it travels through.

If your event involves children, great! We recommend including a bubble machine. Best enjoyed outdoors or large venues and not recommended otherwise.

Another way that we can help your event stand out is to include projectors. Dr Carrot has great stock footage to dazzle your guests, or you may have your own.

*added lights and effects at added cost - get in touch for details

Preparation (included)

Your event is important to us. We will work with you to make sure that by the time your guests arrive, Dr Carrot is ready with the playlists, equipment, all pre-programmed as needed.

Set up and Packup (not included)

Where your event includes equipment hire, Dr Carrot will need time to load and unload everything, arrive early, set everything up, then leave late, after packing everything up, loading and unloading... We will charge a minimum of 1.5hrs and maximum 2.5hrs depending on amount of equipment.

Travel (local only included)

Dr Carrot is located in Enoggera. The surrounding suburbs incur zero travel costs. We charge travel costs at $50ph if your event is outside of that group of suburbs (Ashgrove, Everton Park, Grange, Stafford, Alderley). Please ask us if unsure.

Moving Head LED Lights

Moving heads are fun. These ones are DMX programmable and can be taught to do tricks better than our puppies can. They double up as wash lights or par cans

Base package includes 2. We can supply up to 4 of these

Moving Head Gobo Lights

Moving heads are fun. Add gobos to them and you have a whole new bag of entertainment

Base package includes 2. We can supply up to 4 of these

Mini Kinta Derby Lights

This fun light is a disco throw-back. It can fill a room floor to ceiling with sharp beams in moving and eye catching effects that play in sync with the others

We can supply 1 of these on request

Moving Head 4-bar

Again with the moving heads, we have a synchronised dancer from a whole new level. Dr Carrot likes to bring this one along

We can supply one of these 4-heads on request

Smoke Machine – $50

All lights travel through the air and hit a surface. Unless… the air is a surface! Our 1500W smoke machine is water-based and can in seconds fill a room with a gorgeous effect. It is recommended with a light show and indoors (check with venue)

We can supply one of these (professional smoke fluid included)

Projector – $50

To add a pretty cool vibe, we recommend having interesting imagery. Dr Carrot can come with his own looped videos, or we can discuss how you can get your individuality on that screen

We can supply two projectors and one projector screen

Bubble Machine – $50

We recommend this bundle of joy when kids are coming to your party. It’s best enjoyed outdoors, or in a large venue and away from the food (check with venue)

We can supply one of these (professional bubble fluid included) 

Other Misc

There are other bits and pieces that we may add free of charge, depending on your event. Some of the lights are more playful, like lasers for example, and we add them to taste

Please tell us if you have any specific wishes. If desired, we can add UV Lights or Laser Projection at extra cost